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Purva Park Hill Specifications

Purva Park Hill specifications are the best among all the famous properties the builder has developed by Puravankara Limited. The top architects and designers created the project, and every spec was created to meet the high standards that the business has set.

The specifications describe in detail the quality of the materials utilized in the project's development, such as the flooring and visible fixtures used inside the flat. Any property's specifications always illustrate the project's perspective and describe its persistence.

Purva Park Hill Specifications

This project provides exquisitely crafted living spaces that offer both luxury and comfort. Purva Park Hill's specifications are impressive, as they prioritize attention to detail and use only the best materials in their design. The homes boast modern designs, stylish interiors, and top-notch amenities, making them ideal for creating better living spaces.

The premium specifications of Purva Park Hill includes :


  • RCC frame structure with better grade raw materials.
  • Cellular Concrete Blocks are used for walls.

Lobby and Staircase

  • Stylish and Elegant lobby on the ground floor of each block.
  • The Basement and Ground floor lobbies use eye catching, colourful, vitrified tiles.
  • Texture paint and Roof distemper mixture will be used for all lobby walls.
  • Granite mounted Lift cladding.The service staircase and service lobby with modern day design.
  • The service staircase and service lobby with modern day design.


  • Separated Service and Passenger lifts are placed in all towers.


  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles are used in Balconies.

Common Area Flooring

  • High-quality Vitrified tiles are used for flooring in every corner of the house, excluding the master bedroom and washroom areas.

Bedroom Flooring

  • The master bedroom has been covered with Wooden flooring.
  • Vitrified tiles are utilised in other bedrooms for better light enactment.

Residences Flooring

  • Standard vitrified tiles are used for flooring in every area of the house, excluding the area used for indoor activities.


  • The utility area in the kitchen is covered with Vitrified tiles.
  • Provision for Modular kitchen has been provided.
  • RO & IV points are provided for clean drinking.


  • The electrical wiring throughout the house is enclosed within PVC-insulated copper wires, offering flexibility through modular switching options.
  • Ample light points and power outlets have been strategically placed to cater to various needs within the space.
  • Each apartment has individual meters featuring an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) for improved safety.
  • The bedrooms are provided with television points and speaker connections.
  • Telephone points are installed to connect the living room and kitchen areas.
  • LAN points are thoughtfully placed in the living and study rooms for better internet connectivity.


  • Ceramic tiles with Anti-skid are used in all toilets.
  • Brands like Jaguar or its equivalent quality material will be used for premium CP fittings.
  • Wall-mounted EWC sanitation fixtures with unexposed flush tanks of Hindware or Equivalent Brand will be used.
  • Additional accessories like Towel rods and soap cases will be added in washrooms.
  • Each bathroom has an exhaust fan and a chrome-plated shower mixer.
  • For added durability, PVC-coated false ceilings will be provided in the toilets.

Internal Doors

  • Teak wood will be used to craft the main door.
  • Wooden flush doors will be provided for other bedrooms and bathrooms.


  • External walls are painted colour full Premium External Emulsion paint.
  • Internal walls and Ceiling are painted in Emulsion paint.
  • The railings are painted in Enamel Paint.

External Doors and Windows

  • UPVC doors with engineered frames and door shutters have been added.
  • Aluminium doors and windows are added at necessary places.
  • UPVC windows and mesh will be provided from the inside operating option in the apartment.

Security System

  • CCTV cameras are installed in each property corner and monitored by the security office.
  • 24/7 guarded campus by a dedicated Security Team.

DG Power

  • All residents of Purva Park Hill will be provided with 100% power backup during the emergency at an additional cost.
  • Common areas and amenities will be provided power during all the functioning hours.

Purva Park Hill is designed by master architects who use cutting-edge technologies. Each apartment in this building will be spacious, offering enough sunlight and proper ventilation. Every unit created here adheres to Vaastu principles. Purva Park Hill specifications represent a rich, modern, fine way of life that combines stylish living with traditional attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there separate lifts available in each block of the apartment?

According to the standards, each block of Purva Park Hill has a dedicated lift for residents and a separate service lift.

2. Is the electricity supplied to my house suitable for high-power consumption appliances?

All residential appliances can be used except for commercial ones. Purva Park Hills residential apartments have a good high-voltage power supply.

3. What flooring tiles are used in the Master Bedroom of Purva Park Hill residential apartment?

The flooring in the Master Bedroom is made of vitrified tiles with a wooden finish used in Purva Park Hill apartments.

4. Does Purva Park Hill have enough safety specifications?

Multiple CCTV cameras monitor all corners of Purva Park Hill from the security cabin, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

5. Can we change the interior specifications to meet our needs at Purva Park Hill apartments?

The apartment interiors are designed with the best specs as per Puravankara Limited's standards. Based on customer requests, required alternations can be made at an additional charge.

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