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Purva Park Hill Reviews

Reviews of Purva Park Hill, located in South Bangalore on Kanakapura Road. Benefits of Investment, Puravankara Limited, and Project. Continue reading to learn more about the costs and benefits of Purva Park Hill's luxurious apartments.

One of the greatest construction projects on Kanakapura Road in a desirable area is Purva Park Hill. The following factors are considered when examining the Purva Park Hill residential project.

Purva Park Hill Project Highlights

RERA No PR/220601/004946
Development Type Apartments
Project Status Prelaunch
Location Kanakapura Road, Bangalore
Development Size 15 Acres
Number of Units 246 Apartments
Number of Towers 4 Towers
Number of Floors B + G + 20 Floors
Unit Variants 2,3,4 BHK
  • Kanakapura Road – A well-established residential area, the real estate market shows significant growth.
  • Puravankara Limited – Reputed Builders of the nation.
  • Apartment Investment Option – Purva Park Hill.
  • Location Advantages
  • Price Benefits

About Kanakapura Road Real Estate Review

About Kanakapura Road Real Estate Review

Kanakapura Road is a rapidly growing and highly sought-after residential neighbourhood in the city. Due to its appeal to real estate purchasers and investors, the South Bangalore region's Kanakapura Road is quickly rising to the top of the list of the best places to invest. If you require further explanation, read the following to find out more about the region and its benefits.

  • Location
  • Infrastructure development
  • Affordable pricing
  • Future growth potential
  • Fast growing Locality
  • Good returns for the investment
  • Employment Opportunities

Kanakapura Road serves as a link between the city's main thoroughfares. It boasts first-rate infrastructure and a variety of business and residential projects have drawn both investors and homebuyers. The real estate on Kanakapura Road benefits from modern infrastructure, including the finished metro and a capacity improvement project. The location's market worth has increased quickly, yielding higher returns. Additionally, young people and working professionals choose this neighbourhood as their home.

Real estate growth on Kanakapura Road can be attributed to its proximity to well- known educational institutes, industrial areas in south, east and west Bangalore, and other essential amenities.

Key Places near to Kanakapura Road :

  • Dayananda Sagar Institute of Engineering and Medical Science
  • KSIT Engineering College
  • Jain University
  • Forum South Mall
  • Whitefield
  • Harohalli Industrial Area
  • Bidadi Industrial Area
  • Mysore Road

Advantages of Investing in Kanakapura Road

Advantages of Investing in Kanakapura Road

The main reason Kanakapura Road is the best place to invest is that it's close to important locations on NICE Road, NH-948, a four-line road that's currently under construction connecting Bangalore to Kanakapura and Coimbatore, and the Running Green Metro Line, which connects the local metro stations of Silk Institute and Nagasandra. These developments boost real estate investments and give investors large returns while reducing stress.

Investing in and owning a home with contemporary amenities and a friendly neighbourhood in a reputable area is a lifelong goal. Bangalore's Kanakapura Road is among the greatest neighbourhoods in the city. Over the last ten years, the infrastructure has improved quickly, as evidenced by the completion of the Green Line metro, the enlargement of roadways, and integration with the NICE road.

Picking the appropriate investment area is crucial before beginning any investing journey. When seeking a dream home and the ideal location to invest, potential buyers have many options thanks to the several new and ongoing building projects on Kanakapura Road in South Bangalore.

The average price of apartments on Kanakapura Road increases annually, highlighting the advantages of investing in the area.

  • 2020 – Rs. 5,806 per sq. ft.
  • 2021 – Rs. 6,029 per sq. ft.
  • 2022 – Rs. 6,784 per sq. ft.
  • 2023 – Rs. 7,839 per sq. ft.
  • 2024 - Rs. 8,727 per sq. ft.

Puravankara Limited Construction Review

Puravankara Limited Construction Review

Bangalore-based Puravankara Limited is a real estate development company that was started by Ravi Puravankara in 1975. The company has built multiple residential and commercial development projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Pune, and Mumbai, among other major Indian cities. Puravankara Limited is the most reputable and trustworthy name in the Indian real estate industry. The company has made its presence in the global real estate market by creating real estate developments in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since then, the Group has provided the most exquisite and bountiful cutting-edge real estate concepts, technologies, and inventions to modern cities, changing their skylines.

Puravankara Limited has created 56 million square feet of residential and commercial structures in its development sector. It has initiated numerous opulent and gorgeous projects across the nation, and it currently has 27 million square feet under development.

Additionally, Puravankara Limited has developed numerous collaborative ventures with reputable businesses. In 2020, the group gave a Kochi-based real estate development company Rs. 1,500 crores so that it could build a residential property on 18 acres of land that would total 3 million square feet.

Puravankara Limited prioritizes real estate investment by choosing prime locations for its key projects adjacent to common facilities like employment hubs, shopping centres, hospitals, and schools. The company is researching the region's potential development in the coming years.

Apartment Investment in Puravankara Limited

Apartment Investment in Puravankara Limited

Apartments at Puravankara Limited are linked to esteemed businesses, and Puravankara Limited buildings are proud and incredibly safe investments. Investing in Puravankara Limited provides investors with the healthiest and highest profits worldwide and a happy and certified lifestyle.

Puravankara Limited undertakes the best residential development projects for investors and consumers wishing to buy an apartment in a sought-after neighbourhood. Its apartments are the best option for investors, and the cost of the units is affordable. Purva Park Hill provides luxurious, imaginative, cosy, and fashionable homes. This intricate and well-known architectural design offers a roomy and cosy living space.

Major factors influencing to invest in apartments developed by Puravankara Limited :

  • Modern Architectural designed tower structures
  • Current updated technology used for construction
  • Creative designs
  • Beautifully planned amenities
  • Offers easy connectivity to prime locations

Puravankara Limited's main priorities are green technologies, eco-friendly design, and sustainability, which are all integrated into the luxurious Purva Park Hill residential development. With modern technology, this apartment lowers carbon emissions and promotes environmental preservation. The apartments will offer a tranquil setting with views of the gorgeous surroundings and the national highways and NICE Road beside the project.

Advantages of Investing in Puravankara Limited

Advantages of Investing in Puravankara Limited

Projects from Puravankara Limited will receive more attention and place a far stronger emphasis on sustainability. They implement green construction techniques to design properties that are ecologically sensitive and energy-efficient. This technique lowers utility bills, helping residents' incomes and the environment.

Puravankara Limited constantly experiments with cutting-edge technologies and design ideas to create chic, modern living spaces. Their structures frequently have contemporary amenities and conveniences that improve people's quality of life.

Reasons to invest in Puravankara Limited Projects :

  • Architectural majesty design
  • Attention to detail in every stage
  • Globally established and Reputable builder
  • Quality Materials Used for Construction

As a tribute to its enormous success in the real estate sector, Puravankara Limited has obtained numerous honours and awards over the years for its developments. This further solidifies their standing as a respectable and feasible developer.

Purva Park Hill Review

Purva Park Hill Review

One of the most eagerly awaited real estate projects in South Bangalore is Purva Park Hill, located on Kanakapura Road. It provides well-designed flats with carefully chosen features and suggestions for a peaceful neighbourhood. Residents of the project will have an opulent lifestyle surrounded by nature. The current features will offer a variety of recreational, fitness, and other activities for all age groups. The units will have additional privacy and the highest-calibre features throughout.

The gated community of Purva Park Hill is completely developed and well-located. It consists of residential high-rise buildings situated on thoughtfully planned grounds. Near Kanakapura Road, it has a well-known IT tech park, convenient access to business centres, and regular connectivity. It is skilfully constructed to offer an unmatched, extraordinary quality of life.

Purva Park Hill's amenities have been thoughtfully selected to satisfy a range of residential needs and improve the project's inhabitants' quality of life while adhering to industry standards. Purva Park Hill's many unique and modern amenities are made to encourage interaction between visitors of all ages and its residents.

Location Advantage

Location Advantages

Kanakapura Road is a well-developed residential locality in Bangalore's southern part. It is a key connector between important hubs such as Whitefield, Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Harohalli, and Mysore Road. This area is home to renowned schools, colleges, hospitals, and IT companies. Owing to its advantageous location, Kanakapura Road has witnessed a significant increase in land prices and infrastructure progress.

The region has grown quickly because of its excellent metro connectivity to other parts of Bangalore. Ongoing works have further strengthened the location's appeal, including a 4 lane freeway connecting Bangalore to Kanakapura and an extended outer ring road.

Kanakapura Road's proximity to inhabited regions has attracted the attention of prominent builders in the city to develop residential and commercial projects, resulting in a real estate boom in the area. The region was well-positioned for future growth due to its moderate property values, plenty of government agencies, and excellent connectivity.

Price Benefits of Purva Park Hill

Price Benefits of Purva Park Hill

Purva Park Hill by Puravankara Limited provides the most competitive prices and futuristic investment options for residential projects compared to other builders, making it a top choice for customers. Investing in Puravankara Limited ensures the best value for your money and the highest returns on your investment.

When considering the other characteristics of the current real estate market and price trends, Purva Park Hill's price falls into the most inexpensive luxury flats category across all accessible segments and configurations. As it has always set high standards, Puravankara Limited will only determine the real estate pricing for its ambitious projects after closely examining the current price trends.

Purva Park Hill consistently uses premium materials while building projects to give inhabitants long-lasting, damage-free houses with fewer upkeep expenditures. It also offers great resale value because properties will still have that brand-new appearance, much more established facilities, and an improved neighbourhood after years. A bonus of the program is that it offers plenty of amenities at a fair price.

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